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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Let look back 1990 to 2003 of Gameboy. The purpose of this blog for Writing Seminar at Rochester Institute of Technology. The project called "Cornell Box" means to find an object that matter in my life and tell a story about the object and why it is essential in my life.

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Blog about GameBoy

Hello, my name is Rydrea Walker, and I am a fourth-year student majoring in graphic production and video production. Feel free to read my full biography here (rydreawalker.com). So, this is my very, very and very first blog ever! What is the purpose of this first blog? I am taking a Writing Seminar class at Rochester Institute of Technology. The professor gave us a great project called Cornell box; it means you need to find an object and explain about why you think it is important to you and what is the purpose of showing the audience and understanding your points of an object in your life experience. So, I found my objects – you will be awe and I made my box; the objects will be placed in the box, so you can look at it and discuss with your friends, family or others to consider about your thoughts about it. The box will be placed in somewhere for the ImagineRIT event on the 27th of April 2019 at Rochester Institute of Technology. The box will make you analyze and hopefully, you will understand why it is so essential to me.

A Gameboy was one of the most popular game devices from 1990 to 2000. It gave teens a way to relax from anxiety, stress or moods. It also gave them challenges to play with someone. It is an 8-bit handled game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It has different devices called “Gameboy Family” the following: Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Light, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Micro and Gameboy Advance SP. It does have different of a game that stored on a plastic cartridge more likely called Game Pak that could change anytime and anywhere unless people have to bring them with them which game they will like to play. That is basic how Gameboy works. Nintendo stopped producing Gameboy last 2003 because of Xbox and PlayStation, which many people got instead.

I have had an old Gameboy Advance SP since I was 10 or 11 years old. I fell in love with it because it kept me busy and focused while I traveled everywhere with my family or on a break. Gameboy was more affordable than Xbox and PlayStation, and it is very flexible because it can be carried everywhere, even though its battery life is pretty long- up to 10 to 30 hours. It is essential to me because it represents my childhood. Gameboy helped me to develop my knowledge – for example, I had to find a way to complete each mission. That helped me with leadership in a game because it helps me to become a leader in my business, WarriorsGate Entertainment. When I was a little boy, and I was at my grandmother’s house for a night. I played my Gameboy all day, and one time that was made my grandmother shocked about my reaction of losing in the mission of a game. A game named “Crash,” I loved it so much because I played almost every day and it helps me to a leader to complete all the missions. One of the missions that was hard that I had to defeat a bad guy before wrapping it up of the missions. I lost many times, which made me mad and hit on table with my hand and yelled louder and cry that made my grandmother freak out, and she ran – like she thought there was something wrong with me, but she realized it was all about my Gameboy, so she calmed me down and gave me one word that helped me to defeat the bad guy. That word was patience, it means a lot to me because most of the leaders in business have to be patient and take time to progress because it would be helping my strength in a patient will improve become stronger to help me prepare for the future in my business. As a result of patience and thanks to my Grandma, I defeated the bad guy in the game, which made me excited and I realized that Gameboy was a big part of my life. It has helped me to become a leader in the game. That is why it is essential to me.

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